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TrueNet FX is the most complete disc publishing software available today. TrueNet FX works within any java-enabled web browser, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari. There is no need to install client software, making deployment within any corporate structure a breeze and providing instant compatibility with Windows XP & Vista (32 & 64 bit), Mac OSX, and Linux simultaneously.

TrueNet FX Main ScreenTrueNet FX features:

TrueNet FX is loaded by entering the address of the system in the browser address bar, just like accessing any web site. Within a few moments TrueNet FX is ready to use.

Create New JobsStart jobs in as little as 2 clicks!

Starting a job in TrueNet FX is easy. Whether selecting a disc image or creating a label file, the user interface is both powerful and user friendly. Create all job types from one dialog, including Drag & Drop data/video mastering and creating a label for your discs. Even disc sets can be created, starting right here!

E-Mail Notifications made easy

Email NotificationsEach user can choose on a job-by-job basis what e-mail notifications they want to receive, including:

Editing Jobs

Edit JobsBy double-clicking a job in the main status window, or right clicking a job then selecting Edit from the pop-up menu, the Edit Job dialog allows instant changes to:

Drag & Drop Mastering

Drag & Drop MasteringTrueNet FX provides Drag & Drop mastering within the web browser for:

TrueNet FX supports virtual images. A virtual image is built while the data is transferred to the publishing system, eliminating the need to create a disc image on your local computer hard disk. This saves a significant amount of time and storage space. TrueNet FX also supports building industry standard ISO files for archiving and later use in jobs.

Multi Disc Sets - Even With Mixed Media

Create Disc SetsCreating and using disc sets could not be easier! TrueNet FX allows up to 99 master discs to be added to a set and run as a single job--as if it were a single disc. Simply tell TrueNet FX how many sets you want and the discs will be produced in set order, providing instant collated sets with little effort. Once created, a Disc Set can be used over and over again for quick and easy re-runs.

On systems that support more than one media type (e.g. the NS2100 and NS4500) the Disc Sets feature even allows mixed media within the set, meaning a single disc set could include CDs, DVDs and even Blu-ray discs, and the system will automatically select the correct input for the required media type.

Disc Label DesignerLabel Editing Built In

The TrueNet FX Label Designer provides a fully integrated label editing solution, enabling you to create your disc labels without ever having to leave the TrueNet FX browser environment. Import of industry standard graphics files is supported along with all fonts present on your computer.

In addition to standard labels, the Label Designer goes a step further by providing automated dynamic fields for Date & Time, Serialization, Database Mail-Merge functions for personalized unique discs, and user prompted form fields for standardized corporate label templates.

Form Field Prompts

Dynamic Label FieldsIn some environments there may be a standard corporate requirement for a specific logo, copyright or other text. However, users may still need to add unique data to the labels to identify the contents, or perhaps a client or medical patient. TrueNet FX provides a Label Editing Lockout feature, which allows users to select only ready-made label templates containing form fields that prompt the user to enter the appropriate data when the template is selected. In the screenshot, you can see four form fields were added to the label template. Each time a user selects the template they are prompted to complete the details for 'Patient Name', 'Department', 'Consultant' and 'Reference'. Note that these fields are completely user-defined, allowing you to produce completely customized form field prompts.

Label Preview

All label templates can be previewed on-screen prior to starting a job; any dynamic data, such as serialization, data mail-merge and user prompted form fields, are displayed as live data in the label preview.

System AdministrationSystem Administration

System administration is easy with TrueNet FX. A multi-tabbed dialog allows access to all areas of the system, including:

...and more.

For more information on TrueNet FX please contact and ask for an online demonstration!

PDF TrueNet FX User Manual
PDF TrueNet FX API Manual

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